Lewis Hamilton forced to apologise to the word police!


In a recent video posted on Christmas Day from a snapchat account, UK Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton can be seen ‘gender shaming’ his nephew.

Yes, you heard it! ‘Gender Shaming!’  Another euphemism out of nowhere akin to safe spaces, gender fluidity and of course mansplaining to add to your 2018 dictionary! It appears from the video, Lewis Hamilton is yelling – “boys don’t wear dresses!” Now, you would think that this was just a bit of harmless fun between a man and his nephew but it didn’t take long for cries to rise up demanding for the now deleted footage to be apologised for.

Now don’t get me wrong, I live in a country where the further up north you travel men can be seen wearing ‘skirts’ as part of their cultural expression but to apologise for expressing that boys don’t wear dresses sets a harmful precedent and one that should make us all, regardless of our opinion on gender fluidity, a little bit wearisome of these outbursts of public outrage from the Social Justice Mob.

You see, a parent should have the right to dress their child in the opposite gender clothing and I should equally have a right to hold and express an opinion of dissent without fear of criminal or civil retribution.

My point is, you cannot legislate morality! If society’s morals need help, more legislation is not going to solve that.

You can however litigate an act of physical violence against someone or damage to property but to legislate words and thoughts alone turns men in to God and leads to a dangerous place.

Let’s entertain this a little further and imagine that this dangerous parallel universe exists where speech and thought can be policed!

Who would be the arbiter of which words or thoughts are hate and which are not? Would we set up some sort of bureau of investigation of #hate words? Would obvious ones like the N word for blacks go in there? Would EVERYONE that used the word be penalised including black people that choose to use the word as a salutation? Who would police the word police?

We must start to move towards a free society and not as defined by the liberal left! A society in which a man or a woman is free to fluidly navigate their own sexuality is not true freedom, freedom to choose who to love is not true freedom. True freedom is the freedom to disagree!

In a free society we should be able to beg to differ while agreeing to disagree.

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