Woman who Married herself Cheats on herself!

In the world of nod far far away lived a woman called Sophie Tanner- the woman who married herself.

You would think that this was a story taken right out of a Roald Dhal novel called- “the girl who married herself” but no, this is the true story of Sophie Tanner from Brighton who on May 16th 2015 took to the alter to make a vow of self love till death do her part. The plan seemed infallible, an absolute guarantee to be committed to oneself is annexed to a covenant not to commit suicide, how else could she fail!

Tanner, later accused herself of cheating on herself after she caught herself red handed breaking her nuptials to her other whole with polyamorous, Rory Barrett who also married himself and cheated on himself with Sophie.  This act of illicit convenience however spells a much larger betrayal than just the act of ‘self cheating’ but the betrayal on marriage itself.

Speaking to Amanda Holden on Good Morning, Tanner said:

“Self-marriage is about self-love. It’s saying that self-compassion and self-care is as important as romantic relationships

It doesn’t mean you’re rejecting all other meaningful relationships in your life and becoming a nun forever more. It means you’re rejecting bad relationships.

If only there was more self-love in the world, we wouldn’t need ceremonies like this.

This is a statement which looks to raise the profile of self-love, saying it’s as important as romantic love and doing it as a formal ceremony as anyone else would have a wedding.

Marrying yourself is a lifelong commitment to be responsible for your own happiness, so divorce is not an option.”

Four years ago 400 British members of Parliament decided to vote on the redefinition of a  constitution that is as old as the Bible- some arguing that it was originally defined by God Himself. Yet to date, there has been little to no articles on the affects of this on society.  The truth is- a society that takes the onus to redefine an ancient order such as marriage can and will permit themselves to redefine anything it wants to.

Years ago we would not have thought of gender as possibly being capable of finding a redefinition, but it seems according to intellectuals we “dumb dumbs” have made the error of conflating sex with gender and whilst sex is binary apparently gender is fluid! Conservative leader Theresa May has revealed plans to abolish the need for consultation before gender reassignment.

We now live in a society where if you you don’t like the answer, you can change the question to suit the answer.

If you don’t like marriage, marry yourself, if you don’t like your gender you can change it, if you don’t like your race and your sex well then your name is Florida Native Ja Du (born as Adam) who now identifies as a philippine woman. Yet the left say who am I to judge?

If a man wants to be transracial, who am I to step in and tell a white man he can’t be brown? or a young twelve year old boy he can’t be a twelve year old girl.  Who am I to say the the grass is green when according to our scientists its now blue because it ‘feels’ blue.

We have to ask ourselves, is this the world we want to live in, a world where there are no absolutes and those who question biological facts are well- ‘archaic’, ‘lacking progressive thought’ and not living in this Century. This Century is vast becoming the twilight zone, where the mentally ill are diagnosing the mentally stable!

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  1. Utter madness! What is her point in all her efforts, was she looking for attention, or was it a cry for help or was she trying to be famous by starting a new trend, whatever the case may be it shows that like a cat she climbed a tree she could not climb down from and needed a man to help her down. Ridiculous!

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