‘You got me!’ Channel 4 reporter left SPEECHLESS by professor!

This is the moment that respected psychology Professor Jordan B. Peterson deals a death blow to the flawed hyper-feminist ideologies presented by veteran journalist Cathy Newman.

This was a catastrophic monstrosity of an interview that ended in the inevitable defeat and exposure of the failings of nonsensical leftist narrative.

During a tense exchange, Jordan B. Peterson was subjected to being purposely misunderstood and misrepresented as he consistently intellectually obliterated Cathy Newman’s Neo-Marxist rhetoric. Peterson defended his views surrounding the issues such as the gender pay gap, which he asserted is essentially a flawed concept in the simplistic way the left present it.

His research shows that women and men generally behave inherently differently, gravitating towards different types of careers and behaviours. There are many measures involved in determining the causes for any “gender pay gap” and gender isn’t actually the overriding factor!

They also discussed Peterson’s strong aversion to the PC policing of words and thoughts as pertains to being forced to call transgendered individuals by their “preferred pronouns”.

Frankly, he deftly outmanoeuvred Newman’s attempts to entrap him into appearing to be some kind of caricature of misogyny. Newman does her best to put the pressure on in this battle of ideologies as she purposely misunderstands and misrepresents him in a quite vulgar and heavy-handed way.

She appears to be just repeating views not founded in reality but from the echo chamber cocoon that is the mainstream leftist media. In the end Peterson proves to be an insurmountable wall of intelligence and solid common sense mingled with masterful critical thinking and no amount of PC rhetoric nor unfounded prejudices could defeat him.

The Professor took Newman to school!!

See the full exchange here!

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