Jeremy Corbyn plans to tackle homelessness with Socialism that will destroy the U.K!

Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Jeremy Corbyn‘s comments on how he would tackle homelessness are not surprising but still extremely aggravating. If he ever gets into power… well God help us all!!

When asked about what he would do to tackle the growing problem of homelessness in an initial response, he made an almighty statement about how he would build 8,000 homes. This is doubling the original promise of 4,000 homes without any qualification whatsoever of where this new figure came from!

He also plans on appropriating private properties as he deems fit to meet his objectives.

Side note: the Venezuelan President did this and now his citizens are literally fighting for food and survival.

Private ownership was systemically wiped out and now everybody is equal.

They are all equally poor!What a travesty and betrayal that any politician of today would even think about taking Britain down such a slippery slope.

To many, Mr. Corbyn’s views might seem to make sense in our microwave generation of quick fixes. The fact is though that any benefits of his plan will be very, very short lived in terms of improving homeless peoples immediate quality of life.

This pseudo-solution of hardline socialism masquerading as a rational plan offers no long term holistic change in individual lives. It offers nothing that can empower them to overcome the circumstances that caused their homelessness in the first place.

I wish I could say he plucked this out of thin air but this self-confessed follower of Marxism, a failed socio-economic system, actually thought this through and is not even hiding the intention to impoverish the middle classes to somehow appease those who are less well off, as if they need appeasement.

They don’t need appeasement, they need consistently improving access to opportunities. Most people want change, not the type of charity that the liberal left use to shackle people to the state.

There’s no real great emphasis on how we can put things in place to help people get back on their feet and into the workforce. You know, the Labour market, Labour? Labour? No?

No, because that would be a practical response to homelessness that ends in people being independent citizens and we can’t have that now can we!

Yes, caring enough to provide housing is essential to calling ourselves humane but also addressing the issues that lead them there is the crux of societal reform in this area. People need a hand up not a hand out! That is what they will be most grateful for in the long run.

There is no reason why the charity sector can’t be more empowered and invested in to help with this! However, if The Labour Party insist on being the biggest charity of all, they may as well do it properly!

I have had countless conversations with individuals that have found themselves without a home. I’ve prayed with them, counselled them, and listened. Getting a home is just step one. I’ve seen them persevere and get homes only to lose them because they don’t know how to live within boundaries.

I’ve seen one guy get a home yet still sleep on the streets because that’s what he was used to. He was so accustomed to sleeping rough that a bed didn’t make sense to him anymore. How will your 8,000+ newly built and stolen homes help situations like that Mr. Corbyn?

I’m not assuming Mr. Corbyn and his cohorts don’t actually stop and engage with the homeless often enough but his flippantly flagrant response indicates that may well be the case.

Are we dealing with just another out-of-touch career politician that deep down cares more about enforcing his ideals on the nation than the actual individual life’s he seeks to govern?

Is the party’s surge in popularity in this last election owed to some talented millennials that made their social media campaign bang!? It seems they are what they accuse their counterparts of being, but just with better PR!

It cannot be overstated that many of the people that would be bungled into these homes have serious addictions to overcome and mental health issues to be addressed. Almost all on a basic level have self-esteem and self-belief that needs to be restored in order for them to be rehabilitated and reintegrated into society.

We also need to differentiate between those who want change and those who are happy how they are and deal with them accordingly.

Socialist Liberalism bends society around people’s dysfunction, when we are supposed to address people’s dysfunction so they can function in society.

Those in the situation of homelessness don’t just need a roof over their head that is really a trap they can never get free from. They don’t need to be taken from one situation with no long term benefits and be put into a more comfortable situation, also with no long term benefits.

We shouldn’t support responses that perpetuate dependency upon the state. They need a hope and they need a future. Not cheap promises and empty sound bites that will further result in their demise and entrapment in the cycle of poverty.

The problem with the Labour Party as it is today, is that they really don’t seem to believe in the concept of Labour anymore. They may as well scrap the name Labour altogether and just come outright and call the party Momentum because their leader, with his über-leftist roadmap will build up momentum alright, and drive this country straight off a cliff into oblivion if we let him run it.

It makes sense as to why there was so much opposition to him from within his party when he took over. His ideas are on the outer fringes of reality let alone the Labour Party. If you assess what he says and propagates, you will find these socialist views lead to deeply communist ideologies. The only problem with that is well, Communism!! It’s never worked anywhere in the world.

The strap line of Labour is “for the many not the few”. Well, that’s damn skippy because in a communist socialist society where the government owns everything “on behalf of the people”, the few end up dragging along the many.

It’s UNSUSTAINABLE and always invariably ends in the unequivocal POVERTY of the entire nation.

Funnily enough, the politicians in leadership of these types of regimes always seem to do alright though don’t they?

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