‘EU sanctions’ strategy to cut off Britain’s competitive commercial edge

The EU is at it again. It seems every day they are finding one way or another to undermine Great Britain in the process of leaving the EU! It’s a system that is failing because of the level of control they seek to exert over member states.

It’s less of an alliance with all members being equal and more of a cult where dissension is punishable by destruction.

The Times report, that the EU are strategising on the implementation of penalties and blacklisting to maintain what they call a “level-playing field” and what the rest of us call draconian control.

They are concerned at the prospect of the UK slashing tax and regulation to make Britain more attractive for businesses. The US has done this over Trump and we will see thier economy continue to boom because of this.

Westmonster Reports:

Former MP Nick de Bois took to Twitter to point how the “anti competitive” EU threat underlined once more why the UK voted to leave the bloc.

An independent Britain governing itself and able to bin EU red tape is clearly something that has spooked those in Brussels – and has exposed once again how it is in many ways an insular, protectionist racket.

Source: Westmonster

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