London: Blood On Our Streets

It may grate to hear Ms. Hopkins say “Blackkk Gaaangs” repeatedly and her information on the causes may be 3rd or even 4th hand but the fact is, our young mostly black boys are killing each other.

It’s not a new phenomenon and community work has had its breakthroughs but things have gotten decidedly worse in recent times.

Many of our urban youth live in a kind of real-life Grand Theft Auto version of reality. Actually, one young man recently said how much fun robbing people is as he feels like he is in the game! Turn TV warned of this trend in our last Facebook video!

Someone on Facebook commented on Tucker’s chat with Ms. Hopkins saying let them all kill each other then arrest the last man standing. I know it is just one of those dim comments that keyboard warriors make but it is a problematic statement nonetheless.

The problem is that a lot of innocent people get caught up in the violence too. A lot of victims are not in gangs but just caught in the cross-fire or targeted when they try to leave the lifestyle.

Rather than letting our young people carry on indiscriminately killing each other as if they can get a reload of video game lives, a few things are needed!

We need:

  • God back in schools!
  • Fathers back in homes!
  • Power given back to parents to parent!
  • Authority given back to teachers to discipline!

These structures create conduits through which moral prosperity may flow consistently in a nation. Without restoration of values such as these, we will simply continue to struggle.

Without instilling personal accountability, value for life and being your brothers keeper, the cycles will perpetuate.

As a matter of immediacy, we need Police back on the beat… and we also need Sadiq Khan – and everyone else in authority that is letting the UK down – gone!

Positive outcomes can and will emerge for our young people but only if we stand up for them in meaningful ways. We look forward to no more demagoguery in policy making but practical solutions and results!!

Source: Fox News

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  1. it is so true that we need practical solutions in order to see effective change in regards to the recent happenings on the streets.

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